Below you can temporarily see the workshopplan from last year.

The final workshopplan will be published april 2021.

Salsa Weekend 2019 Worshop Plan


How to read the plan

There are no beginners at the festival, so when the plan says beginners in Kizomba, Bachata & chachacha, it is for dancers on all levels who has not got much experience with these dances.

What workshops can I join?

Example: I have signed up for advanced 1 level on Cuban salsa – what workshops can I join?
  • You can attend salsa on advanced 1 level or lower level
  • You can attend all other workshops as you wish – according to your dance level on that specific style
  • The only classes you can't attend are the ones above your level
  • Remember that if you have registered as an advanced 1 level in Cuban salsa, you are not necessarily on the advanced 1 level in the other dances, so be realistic.

I don't remember what I signed up for

If you don't remember what salsa level you have signed up for, then don't worry, we will let you know when you register by arrival Friday.